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Neoclassical Bed Set *** Code 097


Code 097 is a neoclassical bed set which is the combination of fabric and wood and it is suitable for the brides. If you are in doubt between modern or classical style, code 097 can be a good choice. The curved headboard of this product is made by high quality fabric in Chester style. On the other hand, this beautiful bed set has useful drawers which are in harmony with the bedside drawers.

Code 097 is made of Thai Wanacha MDF, Russian wood and fabric which finally colored by some attractive and high quality polyurethane paint. In order to double the beauty of this bed set, beside this product one can use neoclassical accessories like velvet and silk curtains and colorful bedcovers. By default, this bed set includes a 160 cm-width double bed with two bedside drawers, a dressing table, a mirror and a dressing chair.

Considering customers’ desire, dear customers can change the components of the bed set or add items such as puffs, big mirrors, wardrobes, etc. to it, or subtract any of the default components from the bed set. Customization such as changes in dimensions and size, even changes in design of different components, color choice, wood types, fabric and the combination of different models with each other is possible. 

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Neoclassical Bed Set *** Code 097



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