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Modern Style Bed Set        Code: 171


Code 171 is a simple, modern bed set which is eye-catching and economical. This product has

many fans and is one of the best-selling products of Arka Choob. This product is a suitable choice for bridal dowry.

In order to have a beautiful bedroom, it can be a good suggestion to use this bed set

(in the best-selling colors of Nescafe, beige and gray) in a room with neutral colors and also it is suggested to use darker curtains than bed set colors,

along with a rug in the same style.

This beautiful bed set is made of Thai Wanacha MDF, Russian wood and beautiful veneer, which is finally

colored by some attractive and high quality polyurethane paint. One of the most important features of this product is its design;

the vertical lines on the headboard and the repetition of these vertical lines on the drawers of the bedside drawers have added to

the beauty and charm of this product. By default, this bed set includes a 160 cm-width double bed with two bedside drawers,

a dressing table, a mirror and a dressing chair.

Considering customers’ desire, dear customers can change the components of the bed set or add items such as puffs,

big mirrors, wardrobes, etc. to it, or subtract any of the default components from the bed set.

Customization such as changes in dimensions and size, even changes in design of different components,

color choice, wood types, fabric and the combination of different models with each other is possible.

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Modern Style Bed Set        Code: 171


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